Join Us On Our First Adventure

Ihunaanya: Understand Your Impact is a bi-coastal non-profit organization with the intention to increase the participation of minority groups of the United States in nature.  The organization is open to 18 to 45 year old participants.  Ihunaanya seeks to raise awareness in the lack of participation and support for minorities in outdoor recreation and overall wellness.  IUYI hosts hiking, camping, and backpacking events throughout the year that focus on building physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

Dominique attended a life-changing camping trip with The Xanadu Life: Eagle Tribe at Little Harbor campground on Catalina Island, December 5, 2015.  The Xanadu Life is a collective of nature enthusiasts dedicated to creating a family of conscious adventure seekers that are drawn to intellectual conversations and deep heartfelt connections while inspiring wellness, education and green living.

The various perspectives on life shared by the participants, challenged Dominique to pursue her own inner passions and bring them to fruition.  What she noticed as she attended more events was the lack of participation from minority groups, but specifically the Black community.

Although she continues to build a career around her performances and art, her community service and activism is a flame that does not die out.  So, she developed the idea to form a business called Ihunaanya.  The word “Ihunaanya” comes from the Igbo language out of Nigeria, Africa.  There are different variations of the word, but Ihunaanya in all of its forms means love, romance and affection.

Throughout the protests, rallies, and activism going on for Black human rights, tender "Ihunaanya" and care is what the Black community and many minority groups need.  Dominique is concerned with the fundamental change of society and its major institutions so she developed a new way of thriving amongst the mayhem of our country.  With this organization, her intention is to lead as an example so others will develop a new sense of well-being with ever-lasting, generational changes. 

Kingdom of Ihunaanya Festival

Kingdom of Ihunaanya is the future festival of Ihunaanya: Understand Your Impact.  It is a social experiment, art installation, and will stand as a centre of ancient African heritage such as Ancient KMT.  There is yoga and dance, along with inspirational speakers, a heaving vibe, and a saner existence in an obsessively digital age.  Kingdom of Ihunaanya is colorful, fantastical, and pure fun time for all who enter its judgement free zone.  It serves as a progressive Rite of Passage for people seeking a higher path; a home away from home.  Ihunaanya: Understand Your Impact incorporates fire dancers, live painters, and progressive art installations all by artists of color.  This all day festival spreads positive vibration through gathering and envelope-pushing, revolutionary work.