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Our Story

Ihunaanya is an Igbo phrase representing love or romance.  The Ouroboros symbol evokes an emblem of wholeness or infinity in a circle.  We are an ostranenie--encouraging people to see common things as wild, strange, or unfamiliar; de-familiarizing what is known in order to know it differently or more deeply. 

Founder | An Adventurista is Born

Dominique Alston is an alumna of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she studied Mass Communications with a focus in performance.  Her minor was the study of African and African-American Diasporic studies.  Within this field she gained knowledge that helped her open doors in her life, career, and create an ever changing view of what social rights.
Growing up as a biracial child with a primarily black family in the small town of Coats, NC, Dominique's experience varies across the board from overcoming the hatred of her hair and features to dealing with racism from friends head on. 
She has volunteered thousands of hours and raised thousands of dollars for multiple charities including the Children's Miracle Network, Masonic Children's Home of Oxford, iAutism , and many more.  Teaching is Dominique's passion in life.  After mentoring over 30 young women, she is now ready to tackle the  social, mental, physical, and spiritual issues of the Black community.  

Co-Founder | Happiness Coach

With a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology along with a minor in Anthropology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Kellie “Imperator Kellina” Thornton has the research capabilities and instincts for helping others.  From Stem, North Carolina, Kellie now works at HealthNet as a Business Analyst.   She focuses on Positive Psychology and has created a platform called "Happy Daisy," where she does Happiness workshops for Ihunaanya.

After moving to California in January of 2015, she was able to begin her tumultuous journey of self-love which has allowed her to experience what it feels like to be happy within herself without the feeling judgment around her. 

East Coast Regional Manager

Amber Gilbert is our East Coast Regional manager.  A native of Coats, North Carolina, she is currently a full-time student of North Carolina Central University, where she is studying Criminal Justice with a concentration in Law Enforcement. Amber is an advocate for Diversification and love.

Team Leader and Wellness Coach

Zoya Yaseka is a Jamaican native, hailing from the countryside of Mocho, Clarendon.  Coming to America to be with her mother, she grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland, and not long after arriving in the states, she fell in love with the sport of gymnastics, eventually becoming a nationally ranked competitor and earning a full ride to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

During her time at UNC, Zoya earned a Bachelor of Arts in Exercise and Sport Science, and two individual and team conference titles.  While she was coming into her new self, the mother of one of her best friends was battling breast cancer for the second time and in an effort to show support and love, RX THRIVE was created. 

Since that time Zoya has only continued to grow into new facets of herself, moving past fitness, onto the runway, and even the screen.  

Wellness Coach & Yoga Instructor

Emmesha White graduated from Elizabeth City State University and currently works as a stylist at Nike.  She is pursuing a fitness and catalogue modeling career.  Emmesha is a volleyball and softball coach.  She enjoys yoga and is an aspiring yoga instructor.