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What We Experience

Meditation has elevated me to let heavy burdens go and unhealthy situations.  Through mindfulness meditation, I have started healing depression after suffering mindlessly for over 5 years.  I have been able to re-establish my relationship with God and because of this, I know it is a part of my journey in life to share my lessons and experiences with like-minded individuals.

Dominique Alston - Actress and Founder of Ihunaanya: Understand Your Impact

"The power of love is nothing to be underestimated.  We have the power within ourselves to heal wounds so deep we can barely imagine can be fixed.  My journey to self-love has been one of the most beautiful transformations I could ever have hoped to witness.  Gaining the ability to love myself has given me a burning desire to help others do the same.  We require an everlasting faucet of love but we rarely know how to give or receive it as we should.  Being able to share my evolution of love with the Ihunaanya family is one of my greatest prides."

Kellie Thornton - Happy Daisy

  "The support and love the Ihunaanya community has blessed me with is well beyond priceless. The meditation, hiking, yoga, and camping I have done with the Ihunaanya community has healed me and I am forever grateful.  My participation has helped me adapt a healthier lifestyle and meaningful friendships.  I always have a wonderful time at all the events!

Deka Thomas - Photographer