Join Us On Our First Adventure

Our Impact

The five principles we follow to increase our global impact.


Philautia, Pragma, Agape, Ludus, Philia, and Eros

Ihunaanya creates an emotional free for all space for love to develop, change, and grow.  Self-, deep friendship, playful, sexual, and longstanding love are vital instruments to how we live.  Authenticity and intimacy help create our unique atmosphere similar to a emotional pilgrimage.  Ihunaanya strengthens these tools by placing individuals amongst like-minded people.

Protect Your Temple

Mindfulness Meditation, Positive Psychology, Fitness, Play

Ihunaanya encourages minority communities to take care of the body: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Natural healing and organic aids are vital to health and longevity. Ihunaanya implements mindfulness meditation, positive psychology, fitness, and play.  We encourage health and nutritional eating habits.


Creating a community of positive heritage.

Heritage encompasses every individual of Ihunaanya: Understand Your Impact.  IUYI celebrates diversity and encourages participants to share their differences and learn from them.  


Find every gift God left for you.

The world is better when seen through a child's eyes: fresh, new and vibrant. Ihunaanya encourages it's participants to connect with their inner child and adventure!  Climb trees, play, have fun, be your authentic self!

Community Service

The best way to find yourself is through service of your community.

Every event Ihunaanya hosts will bring people together through providing a labor of love to make each event happen.  Ihunaanya is a non-profit and seeks to help those who are unable to travel the world.